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What is Tapmad?

TAPMAD is Pakistan's leading on-demand video streaming platform that offers live TV Streaming of 80+ local, regional and international channels. With Tapmad Premium app subscription you can instantly watch your favorite web-series, drama serials, TV shows, online movies and live sports anytime anywhere. Tapmad TV is an app offers IOS and Android Users to watch Live TV streaming including all Pakistani news channels and 20+ international channels such as BBC World News, CNN, Animal Planet, National Geographic, Discovery, and Voice of America.

How do I subscribe to Tapmad TV

We've made signing up to Tapmad as easy as possible. Subscribing to Tapmad Premium is quick and easy. There are four different ways to subscribe to Tapmad TV.

  • Sim Card, Credit/Debit Card,Easy Paisa,Jazz Cash

How do I unsubscribe from Tapmad?

To cancel your Tapmad subscription follow these steps;

  • Log in to your Tapmad TV account (via website).
  • Click on Account under your name.
  • Then choose to "edit" your subscription under "Billing Information"
  • Click on the "cancel" option to cancel or turn off your Tapmad subscription.

Tapmad Plans

Is Tapmad TV FREE?

You can watch limited collection of movies, web series and Live TV Channels for FREE at Tapamad. Tapmad TV give free access to 80+ national and regional live news channels, Pakistani Drama Channels and International TV Channels including Hum TV, Express Entertainment, Samaa News, 92 News HD, Baby TV and Cartoon Network. All Indian TV channels, Zee TV Shows, Indian dramas, latest Bollywood movies, English TV shows and are only accessible with Tapmad Premium.

What is Tapmad premium?

Tapmad Premium is simply a non-stop entertainment. With Premium subscription of Tapmad TV, you can watch 80+ Live TV channels (including Pakistani, Indian and American TV channels), Zee entertainment channels, and full episodes of Indian dramas, web-series, latest movies and American TV shows for just Rs.25/week. Pay with Easy Paisa and get access to Tapmad Premium for just Rs. 5 (for the first month only).

Tapmad App

Is Tapmad TV available on all devices?

Tapmad TV app is available for Web, Android and IOS users in Pakistan.

Can I watch Tapmad on Smart TV?

You can also access Tapmad on your Changhong Ruba Smart TV. We are trying our best and working truly hard to extend our boundaries. Hope you will soon be able to access Tapmad TV on Samsung, TCL, Haier and other Smart TV brands.

Site Issues

I am having slow streaming or buffering problem.

Poor network or bad internet connection is the most common reason for slow streaming or buffering. Check video setting and select a different (lower) quality to stream the video in case of poor internet connection.

I can’t log in / sign up to Tapmad Premium, what should I do?

If you are having trouble logging in or signing up to your Tapmad account, then please contact us at support@tapmad.com. We will get back to you with the best possible solution as soon as possible.