Tu Hi Meri Duniya (You Are My Glory)

China's hottest celebrity, Qiao Jingjing, has it all: fame, fortune, and a flawless image. But when a leaked video exposes her as a total gaming noob, a lucrative endorsement deal hangs in the balance. Desperate to salvage her reputation, Jingjing embarks on a hilarious and heartwarming quest to redeem herself. Forced to seek help from her former classmate, the brilliant aerospace engineer Yu Tu (Yang Yang), their reunion reignites a spark from their high school days. Can Yu Tu coach Jingjing to gaming greatness and save her career? Or will their journey together lead to something even more extraordinary? You Are My Glory is a 2021 Chinese drama series directed by Wang Zhi, that explores themes of second chances, hidden talents, and the power of believing in yourself and maybe a little bit of first love

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