Kaala Teeka

Kaala Teeka is the story of Vishwaveer Jha and his quest to keep his only daughter, Gauri safe and protected. Vishwaveer discovered that a baby girl who has been abandoned is able to protect his only daughter Gauri from a familial curse.After 5 YearsKaali is protecting Gauri in every way all the time. Sometimes, she writes exams on Gauri's behalf. She faces lots of difficulties and hatred from Vishwaveer. Kalyani(Vishwaveer's bhabhi) kills Manjiri and the blame goes on Kaali. But Vishwaveer takes the blame on himself because it is required to protect Gauri and that is possible only when Kaali is with her. So, Vishwaveer is jailed for 14 years...............

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