Bhoot Bungla

Bhoot Bungla is an Horror, Comedy, Mystery movie starring Mehmood, Tanuja, Harindranath Chattopadhyay and Mohan Choti. Bhoot Bungla is directed by Mehmood, released on 01, Jan, 1965. Rekha and her uncle Shyamlal are the only survivors in their family which has a long and painful history of death under bizarre and suspicious circumstances while living in their ancestral property. Rekha and Shyamlal leave their ancestral property in fear and settle down in the city where Rekha meets a jovial and rowdy bunch of youngsters belonging to the Youth Club. Members of the Youth Club decide to unravel the mystery of Rekha's ancestral property and hope to find out if those deaths are freak accidents or an ancient curse.

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