Pyar Mushkil Hai - Put Your Head on My Shoulder - Episode 24

Six months later, Si Tu Mo had resigned from her job because her manipulative horrid boss had asked her and her high-school friend to submit another ad project. Si Tu Mo was sitting on the floor looking at Circle when she saw an envelope pasted on the underside of her desk. She quickly packed her bag and left for Germany. In Germany, Wei Ye found her asleep on his bed - he could not be happier. Wei Ye removed himself from the girls and went to Si Tu Mo to introduce her as his wife rather than his girlfriend. Wei Ye took her to a surprise church wedding. Sadly, it was time for Si Tu Mo to return to China. She was just about to say her goodbyes to Wei Ye when he reminded her that she was forgetting something. When they returned to China, they had their photos for their wedding registrations.