Pyar Mushkil Hai - Put Your Head on My Shoulder - Episode 19

Wang Shan and Fu Pei both passed their graduation examinations. Si Tu Mo was getting busier with her intern job and was asked to submit her proposal for an ad. She asked Wei Ye for help, who gladly accepted her request, but he wanted to see her as he was missing her. They both got too tired and ended up sleeping in the same bed. Si Tu Mo was disorientated, but the sound of both their parents calling from the living room sent them awake immediately. Seeing them, their parents started arranging a wedding, but Wei Ye said that they did not have any plans of getting married. Si Tu Mo later asked Wei Ye if he would marry her. Wei Ye playfully flicked her on the forehead. Zhu Can was developing a nice friendship with Si Tu Mo and wanted to bring her home. However, Wei Ye appeared and took control of Si Tu Mo.