Pyar Mushkil Hai - Put Your Head on My Shoulder - Episode 13

Yu-Yen is trying to befriend Si Tu Mo. Si Tu Mo assured Yu-Yen that she does not have any relationship with Wu Yei aside from being flatmates. Wu Yei went to speak with Fu Pei alone and asked advice about Si Tu Mo, who was on a jealousy overdrive when she visited the science lab and overheard Yu-Yen asking Wu Yei if she was cute to which he said that she was adorable. To cheer up and clear the misunderstanding with Si Tu Mo, Wu Yei brought home a kitten. He showed the kitten to Si Tu Mo and said that the kitten that he had agreed was cute, not his senior. Si Tu Mo was embarrassed. It was unfortunate for Wu Yei to have brought home the kitten because he was allergic to the feline. Si Tu Mo was teasing him with the kitten when he said that he would kiss her if she did not stop. They were both surprised.