Pyar Mushkil Hai - Put Your Head on My Shoulder - Episode 12

Si Tu Mo finally sees Wei Ye in a different light. Fu Pei is now officially going out with Wang Shan. Poor Fu Pei cannot deny that he likes Wang Shan. He is confused about his feelings for Wang. Anyway, knowing in his heart that he had lost Si Tu Mo, he confessed to Wang Shan - now they are together. Wu Yei got sick and had to stay home. Yu-Yen, his lab senior, visited him, which did not go down well with Si Tu Mo, who became stroppy. Wu Yei wanted to know why she was angry with him. He asked his Prof, who found out that Yu Wen to Wei Ye’s house and met Si Tu Mo. The Professor put two and two together and said that Si Tu Mo was jealous.