Pyar Mushkil Hai - Put Your Head on My Shoulder - Episode 11

Wei Ye wanted help in how to confess to Si Tu Mo. They brainstormed and came up with composing a poem for Si Tu Mo. He rewrote the poem, yet she just doesn't get it. Poor Wei Ye came out with the flu after staying in the snow, making a mini snowman for Si Tu Mo, who confessed that she had never seen a real snowman. Xie Yu Yin, Wei Ye's lab senior, who seemed to have developed a one-sided love for Wei Ye, visited to check on the ill Wei Ye. Xie Yu Yin encouraged Wei Ye to take his flu medication, ignoring her. Si Tu Mo took medicine and ordered Wei Ye to eat them willingly. Wei Ye quickly announced that he was going to bed to the puzzled Si Tu Mo.