Main Hoon Hi Nahi Iss Duniya Ki - My Girlfriend is an Alien - Episode 28

Fang Leng made the biggest sacrifice of his life. Knowing that Chaoqi is living on borrowed time, he surprised her by pressing her thumb onto her communicator to send a signal to her spaceship. Chaoqi was at first rather upset with Fang Leng and questioned whether he truly loves her. As he does not need her communicator anymore she felt that she was redundant to him. Fang Leng said that he would rather that she left than see her die. The next day, Fang Leng took Chaoqi shopping and bought her so many things. They were so happy together. Despite their joy in each other, there was always that thought that Chaoqi will be gone in an instant. Suddenly he realised that he was without Chaoqi. She had been transported to her spaceship. She’s gone. Even without Chaoqi, life goes on but sadder for Fang Leng. Many times, he expects Chaoqi to just walk in. A few more months had passed and yet he missed her even more. He had an idea. He started chatting with a girl. Fang Leng secretly grinned as the sky growled in anger. Fang Leng told Chaoqi as he looked up the sky to come hurry back home if she wanted him all to herself. Suddenly, he spotted a girl, coming towards him. Her face was partly hidden by a huge envelope to shade her face from the sun after the rain. Mr Han was at the ready with his camera phone and took the first photo of Fang Leng and the newly returned Chao Qi who was showing Fang Leng that she has an official interstellar immigration certificate which allows her to stay on Earth and that she won’t pose any danger to humanity.