Main Hoon Hi Nahi Iss Duniya Ki - My Girlfriend is an Alien - Episode 27

Fang Leng wanted to find out what he can do to Chaoqi, he wanted to know why she was getting weaker. He used the hormone perfume that would make lovers be as truthful as they can. He found out everything within the three minutes. Chaoqi is losing control of her limbs and will die. The communicator is still in his heart, is the only way that Chaoqi could safely be back at her home planet. Without further ado, Fang Leng went to the hospital to have the delicate surgery to remove the communicator in his heart despite only having a 30% chance of surviving the operation. He feels that he owes his life to Chaoqi and if he has a thirty percent chance of survival, then he would take it. Fang Leng had taken Xiaobu secretly from Chaoqi. Xiaobu said that perhaps if he can be at the operating room with Fang Leng, then he can use their alien technology to get the communicator out. Chaoqi learned about Fang Leng and Xiaobu’s deal. Chaoqi got so upset because she knew that Xiaobu’s main mission was to get the annunciator to get home and he would resort to anything including killing Fang Leng. It was successful and Xiaobu said that he never had any intention of harming Fang Leng because of Chaoqi. Fang Leng quickly discharged himself from the hospital and tried to detach himself from Chaoqi.