Main Hoon Hi Nahi Iss Duniya Ki - My Girlfriend is an Alien - Episode 26

Knowing that she was going to be ill or die soon, Chaoqi reckoned that it would be cruel for Fang Leng to remember her.She tried to break in the memory bank vault of Fang Leng to erase his memory.Fang Lei now knew that Chaoqi was not human because she was bleeding blue blood. Fang Lei helped Chaoqi to erase the memory bank of his brother.Poor Fang Leng could not understand why Chaoqi would do such a thing but still he forgave her.There in the pouring rain, he stayed to be close to where Chaoqi was.Fang Leng was delirious and he saw how Chaoqi first saved him in the car accident. He had a heart to heart with his father, who found out that Fang Leng had been miraculously cured of his amnesia.Fang Leng pretended that he was still amnesiac but he kissed Chaoqi immediately telling their shocked faces that he had fallen in love with Fang Lei’s girlfriend, Chaoqi