Main Hoon Hi Nahi Iss Duniya Ki - My Girlfriend is an Alien - Episode 18

Fang Leng found out Chaoqi took money from her father, and demanded to never see her again. She wanted to be free of Fang Leng. Fang Leng, however, could not stop thinking of Chaoqi. Jiang Xie invited both Chaoqi with Fang Lei to lunch with her and Fang Leng. Chaoqi and Jiang Xue had a falling out. Now that Choaqi was rich, she and Fang Lei went shopping. However, she soon realized that this is not what she wants and asked Fang Lei to return all the clothes and donate the money to charity. They were alone in the elevator when Chaoqi’s power went away. The elevator malfunctioned and she had to use her diminishing power to steady it. She managed to power up the lift again but at the cost of her remaining strength. She fainted into Fang Leng’s arms.