Main Hoon Hi Nahi Iss Duniya Ki - My Girlfriend is an Alien - Episode 17

Jiang Xue came in the morning to visit Fang Leng but instead found Chaoqi with him. Fang Lei’s mother was after Choaqi to find out what was wrong with Fang Leng. The next day, Chaoqi went to see her and Fang Senior. She said she would reveal Fang Leng’s secret at a price, to which Fang Senior said that the money will be transferred to her account. Chaoqi then said that Fang Leng was so busy with work that he had no time for her, so she dumped him. Fang Lei’s mother slapped Chaoqi in annoyance, however she did not retaliate and warned her not to mess with Fang Leng.