Main Hoon Hi Nahi Iss Duniya Ki - My Girlfriend is an Alien - Episode 15

After Chaoqi cleared the matter between her and Fang Leng, it seemed Jiang Xue was not satisfied. She waited for Chaoqi to come out of the toilet and warned her not to bother Fang Leng anymore. Chaoqi caught Jiang Xue’s hand and stopped her from slapping her again. At that moment Fang Leng found them and Jiang Xue pretended that Chaoqi was violent towards her. Chaoqi tried to explain but Fang Leng told her to go away. Chaoqi was despondent as she was leaving the building but met Fang Lei who saw her red raw cheeks and knew someone hit her. He thought it was his brother but Chaoqi told him immediately that it was Jiang Xue. Fang Lei dragged Chaoqi back to the party and told his brother not to bother with Chaoqi as they are now going out together. Chaoqi said she can’t dance. Jiang Xue noticed that Fang Leng was staring at the happy Chaoqi and completely ignoring her. Outside, Chaoqi and Fang Lei were having a laugh when Fang Leng found them. He told Chaoqi to meet him at 3 pm the following day. Chaobi, the tortoise, told her to give Fang Leng aphrodisiac to make his heart race. Chaoqi met Fang Leng at the restaurant the next day. She was finding it hard to trick Fang Leng into taking the aphrodisiac. They were arrested by the security guard and locked in an interview room for indecent public display.