Main Hoon Hi Nahi Iss Duniya Ki - My Girlfriend is an Alien - Episode 12

Chaoqi had been transferred to Fang Lei’s department. She quickly realized how inactive he was. He told her that all she needed to do was to copy his signature, practice it until she can do it as he does it. When she had signed all the documents, Fang Lei picked one at random, and then he dragged Chaoqi to attend a meeting. The managers were rather skeptical but Fang Leng told Fang Lei and Chaoqi that they had a week to research it and if the product was no good, they are both going to be demoted. He took Chaoqi to find a professor he knew who was an expert in perfumes. What they did not know was that a typhoon is about to arrive on the island. The news about the typhoon was heard on the car radio by Fang Leng who also learned that Chaoqi went with Fang Lei to the islaill find Chaoqi and Fang Lei. Chaoqi was shivering under a tree when Fang Leng rescued her – which is when she realizes that her communicator is inside Fang Leng’s heart. Chaoqi was not listening. Fang Lnd. He asked his assistant Jin Ming to leave the car with him and he weng, on the other hand, seemed to be contented with this new development.