Main Hoon Hi Nahi Iss Duniya Ki - My Girlfriend is an Alien - Episode 11

Fang Leng was suspicious of Chaoqi’s change of heart. He was also confused about Chaoqi and Fang Lei’s relationship. Fang Leng was very sad and told Chaoqi that he thought he found the girl that he could love but he was disappointed that once again he found the wrong girl. He told her that he doesn't want her near him again or her interfering in his business, his therapy, and life. Jiang Xue got the doctor to upload footage of Chaoqi stealing the sapphire on the internet. Fang Lei was scared for her, he thought that the police will come to get her. Chaoqi told him that Fang Leng already knew about the sapphire and had forgiven her. Chaoqi told him that since he ordered her never to interfere in his life that goes also for him. She then left.