Q: How long is the offer valid offer?

A: This subscription is valid for 3-months. Once the 3-motnhs are over, users will be required to subscribe to tapmad for the next month.

Q: What will I get from this offer?

A: You get immediate access to unlimited content on tapmad such as HD and AD FREE Sports Series, Tensports, Premier League, several Urdu Dubbed Shows, and much more!

Q: Can I access Tukka Lagao and Redemption?

A: Yes, all users receive immediate access to Tukka Lagao and Redemption. You can play unlimited games, as well as, redeem multiple gifts through Redeem Coins.

Q: How many devices can I connect simultaneously?

A: Users can connect up to 5 devices simultaneously.

Terms and Conditions:

• The Free Subscription shall last for a period of 3 months only. After the 3-month subscription ends, you will be required to subscribe to continue the subscription.

• One code can be used only once.

• tapmad website/app Terms of use and privacy policy shall apply.

• tapmad and InDrive reserve the right to discontinue this offer based on their discretion at any time.

• tapmad reserves the right to terminate or restrict your account or your use of the tapmad Services or access to Content at any time, without any notice or incurring any liability, if tapmad determines in its sole discretion that you have breached the Terms of Use, violated any law, rule, or regulation, or engaged in other inappropriate conduct in relation to our services.

• tapmad reserves the right to change the features of the free subscription offer at any time