TV One Drama Mann Pyasa Review

TV One Drama Mann Pyasa Review

Zeeshan Shah is afraid of getting his secret exposed!!!

This review was first published by TV One on September 20, 2016 

Mann Pyasa TV One Drama

TV One’s currently on aired play Mann Pyasa takes an important turn this week when the brutal feudal lord cum corrupt politician Zeeshan Shah feels scared as his biggest secret is about to get unveiled.

Zeeshan Shah’s anger and Aman Shah sudden disappearance

Zeehan Shah’s mentally-impaired younger brother Aman Shah somehow manages to escape from hospital leaving his big brother frustrated and angry. He was admitted to Zeeshan Shah’s close friend’s mental hospital under the tight security of guards. No one is allowed to meet him and a dedicated nurse is always available at his disposal to look after him. Continue reading “TV One Drama Mann Pyasa Review”