TV One Drama Parizad Review

The Drama Parizad is about a pretty and young girl whose passion is to study. As the girl belongs to a middle class family therefore does not have sufficient funds to continue her education. So for collecting money for her studies she teaches in a school and also gives tuition to neighborhood girl.

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Urdu1 Drama Kosem Sultan Review

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After Mera Sultan another Expected Big Hit is Upcoming Urdu 1 Drama “Kosem Sultan”

It was in year 2012 that Turkish dramas were shown on our channels. On Urdu1 one of famous Turkish drama was Ishq-e-Mamnu. The drama became a big hit and then many Turkish soaps became popular amongst the audience and did overshadow our Pakistani serials too.

In year 2015 Urdu 1’s Kaala Paisa Pyaar became the talk of the town and everyone was anxious to watch Elif & Omar’s love story unfold. Now here is another upcoming drama that will add to the list of super hit Turkish ‘Kosem Sultan’, it is based on the life of the only powerful woman who rule the Ottoman Empire alone. The serial features the starlet, Beren Saat who was also seen in Ishq-e-Mamnu Continue reading “Urdu1 Drama Kosem Sultan Review”

Tum Kon Piya Last Episode Review

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Tum Kon Piya Last Episode Review This review was first published

This last episode wasn’t as solid as I expected it to be because as a whole Tum Kon Piya’s story was quite convincing throughout. Zarbab’s change of heart seemed rushed and it wasn’t very believable either. All the information he got, came from a third person and not Arif himself but somehow he was willing to believe it only because he saw Arif’s present condition. Arif’s end was predictable but it would have been so much better if Arif was in a position to say all that Zarbab needed to hear Continue reading “Tum Kon Piya Last Episode Review”

Alpha Bravo Charlie: A tale of Honour Drama Review

This review was written by OMAIR AHMED

“Aankhein dekhti reh jaati hein” well Faraz, Gulsher, Kashif and Shahnaz the four most popular most loveable and endearing characters ever to grace our screens.

The romance of army on television screens is ages old and we saw many terrific productions like Aahan, Shahpar, Samunder Jaag Raha Hai and Nishaan e Haider. but Alpha Bravo Charlie was way ahead of them all.

A simple tale of three young army officers who we have seen before in “sunheray din” as they embark on the start of thier professional life. The way they go through their service patterns and then how they all end up falling in love with the same girl Shehnaz (Some would disagree with me on Kashif) Continue reading “Alpha Bravo Charlie: A tale of Honour Drama Review”

TV One Drama Mein Sitara Review

Mein Sitara Review: Sitara fights back with full vigor

TV One Drama Mein Sitara Review
This review was first published by TV One on September 30, 2016.

Sitara has finally the hard lesson of life that in order to survive she has to emerge as a fighter and stop giving importance to what others are saying.

She has learnt the art to speak her mind – and it is going to be her biggest tool to survive in this harsh world. She is no more a weak girl who gets offended by Naseem Dil Ruba cruel words. She shows her mirror by telling her the reality – Naseem Dil Ruba has fallen down from a super star of cinema to a dancing girl of stage. Continue reading “TV One Drama Mein Sitara Review”

Bahoo Raniyan Pakistani Drama on Express TV – Review

Bahoo Raniyan Pakistani Drama on Express TV – Review

This review was first published by PK Dramas on Jan 27, 2016

Bahu Raniyan – The story is about Hiba a girl with a silent temperament and Sarah who on the other hand is jolly, careless and non-serious. Hiba’s parents pass away after which she stays with her Uncle Qasim, his wife Nasira and their daughter Sarah. Rashida who lives in the same vicinity sends a proposal of a very good family for Hiba, after which Nasira wishes that the proposal should be for Sarah. Getting inspired by the family’s way of living, Saeeda, who is Rashida’s sister, proposes to Nasira that she wants to get both her sons Sharim and Saad married to Hiba and Sarah to which they have a mutual consent. The wedding takes place with Continue reading “Bahoo Raniyan Pakistani Drama on Express TV – Review”

TV One brings a paradigm shift in TV industry with its riveting tales

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Pakistan’s premium entertainment channel, TV One, has revolutionized the television industry by staying away from soapy lackluster serials and focus in airing thought-provoking, enlightening and entertaining content that draws attention towards issues of social relevance.

As a game-changer, the channel has carved a niche with its top-notch content divulging the hard-core realities of life with the striking storytelling techniques. It doesn’t promote content just for the sake of entertainment but has a rock-hard motive behind it. It aims is not only to inform viewers, but also to edify and inspire them.  Continue reading “TV One brings a paradigm shift in TV industry with its riveting tales”