TV One Drama Mein Sitara Review

Mein Sitara Review: Sitara fights back with full vigor

TV One Drama Mein Sitara Review
This review was first published by TV One on September 30, 2016.

Sitara has finally the hard lesson of life that in order to survive she has to emerge as a fighter and stop giving importance to what others are saying.

She has learnt the art to speak her mind – and it is going to be her biggest tool to survive in this harsh world. She is no more a weak girl who gets offended by Naseem Dil Ruba cruel words. She shows her mirror by telling her the reality – Naseem Dil Ruba has fallen down from a super star of cinema to a dancing girl of stage.
She openly challenges Naseem Dil Ruba and outclasses her during a stage performance. Although Sitara is making her way to the top in the world of stage artists but it never satisfy her inner soul. She somehow finds herself misfit in this environment – especially the fear of letting her daughter knows about her work constantly surrounds her.
Mein Sitara ReviewThe way different phases of Pakistan’s showbiz industry have shown in this drama is really remarkable – from boom of films, its down fall to the emergence of Television industry. The drama has also brilliantly shown the struggle of artists who try to fit themselves in the changing environment. With the advent of television channels, a lot of film actors also made their way to small screen – Sitara also decides to take a plunge in television industry. Unfortunately, here she once again meets Jamal in a role of her son on small screen. Here, again she doesn’t forget to show him the mirror and says, “sharm ane chahye tmhe Jamal apne beti ke umar ke lariyon ka samne romance krte hero ban kar,”
If this is not enough she laughs at Jamal and says,” kon se filmo ka super star ban rahe ho tum jo ab bante he nahin hai.”
The drama moved at a fast pace and a few more years pass but Sitara’s life doesn’t change a lot. Her parents once again enter her life and oppose the idea of sending Falak to a boarding school. While completely ignoring their will, she sends Falak to another city.
Mein Sitara Drama Review

Overall, this proves to be another fascinating episode with major changes in Sitara’s life. This episode presents an entirely different aspect of her personality – a caring mother. Earlier, her aim in life is to become a top actress but now all her attention shifts towards her daughter. Now her only aim in life is give her daughter whatever she has been deprived of in her childhood. The promo of the next episode shows Falak as a grown up girl who also wants to pursue a career in acting. How will Sitara react to it? Will she let her make a career in showbiz? After leaving dramas, what will she do to earn her livelihood? To know this and more we have to wait till the next episode.

For now I just want to say that whenever I watch Mein Sitara, the only thing that hit my mind is that this story has potential to be shown on silver screen. On this note I’ll take your leave with a hope that the new episode will open a new and positive chapter in Sitara’s life.

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