Urdu1 TV Drama Khoobsurat Review

Urdu1 TV Drama Khoobsurat Review

Urdu1 Drama Khoobsurat Review
Following review was first published by SAIRA KHAN on Oct 07, 2016 01:27am.

5 reasons why we’re excited for Mahnoor Baloch’s play Khoobsurat

The intense chemistry between Azfar Rehman & Mahnoor Baloch puts the play on top of our list of must watch shows.

If you have not yet seen the drama serial, Khoobsurat, from Urdu1 then you are definitely missing out on something because the play marks the return of the ageless beauty, Mahnoor Baloch, on our television screens and the drama serial looks quite promising.

Khoobsurat is a love triangle – featuring Burhan, Mahrukh and Meher – which will probably be sprinkled with the status issue because Burhan (Azfar Rehman) goes from drab to fab (ignore the cliche term). This also suggests that perhaps he is an opportunist who conveniently falls head over heels in love with Mahrukh’s (played by Mahnoor Baloch) status leaving Meher (Zarnish Khan) at the altar.

Mahnoor Baloch returns to TV

The first and foremost reason why we’re excited for Khoobsurat, of course, is Mahnoor Baloch. The timeless beauty is going to appear on our television screens after a really long sabbatical who doesn’t enjoy watching the gorgeous beauty? Even if we don’t like the plot, we can always sit, stare, and appreciate god’s creation.

The chemistry

But that – staring ideally at the screen because there’s nothing else to appreciate in the serial – won’t happen because Azfar Rehman shares an intense on-screen chemistry with Baloch which was evident even in the 30-second teaser. This takes the play to the top of our must-watch list.

Khoobsurat is co-written by Seema Ghazal

Written by veteran writer, Seema Ghazal, and Dilshad Naseem, the story looks like an interesting one as it is quite obvious that Rehman’s character, Burhan, will end up having an affair with a much older Mahrukh. Now how and when will he end up getting involved with her is what will make the drama serial interesting to watch.

Seema Ghazal has written drama serials such as Mehndi and Ana which resonated with the audience, and we have a hunch Khoobsurat will do the same.

A love story

Going by the teasers the play seems to be a love story through and through. It seems we will witness a lot of heartbreak and a barrage of emotional scenes because in one teaser we see Burhan telling Meher how she is the most beautiful girl in the world and the two genuinely seem madly in love, but in the very next moment we see an impeccably dressed version of Burhan waiting on the stairs for Mahrukh who is seen running towards him.

What is going on here? Why can’t Burhan – or our male television characters in general – make up their minds these days? Haarib – from HUM TV’s drama serial Sanam – seem to be in a fix too and same goes for Irtiza in Bin Roye who’ll end up falling in love with Saba and Saman both. Hello! What happened to the “you fall in love only once” rule?

Nevertheless, after watching (and enjoying) issue-based serials such as Udaari, it’s therapeutic to lose yourself in a love saga.

The background score is love

The background song, Chaap tilak, is beautiful and perfectly captures the theme of the show. The set, costumes and even the choice of actors seem to be well thought of as the play comes across as something which has been made with a lot of thought.

Besides the three main leads, we also got a glimpse of Faisal Rehman, who is seemingly playing the role of Mahrukh’s dead husband, as we only saw him standing in a mirror for a second, but Mahnoor’s expression were quite telling. Faisal Rehman is probably her deep, dark secret which she will guard from Burhan.

At the set of Drama serial ” khubsoorat “

A photo posted by Mahnoor Baloch (@mahnoorbaloch.official) on

Azfar Rehman is on a roll as this is his third drama serial this year after Hatheli and Parizad, but unlike the predecessors, over here both his costars compliment him and what little we saw, it seems that Khoobsurat might just cement Rehman’s place in the category of best romantic heroes of today.

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