Urdu1 Drama Aashiyana Meri Mohabbat Ka Review

Urdu1 Drama Aashiyana Meri Mohabbat Ka Review

Aashiyana Meri Mohabbat Ka

This review was written by Tanveer

Aashiyana Meri Mohabbat ka is Turkish drama serial and continues very well in Pakistan as that of Turkey and other eastern countries. Different Actors have different characters in this drama serial. Cagatay Ulusoy is main male leading role in this Turkish drama serial and Serenay Sarikaya is the main female leading heroine. She is playing the role of Mira Beylice and she is also leading model of Turkey. Baris Falay is playing the role of Selim Serez in supporting role.


  • Cagatay ulusoy
  • Serenay Sarikaya
  • Baris Falay
  • Mine Tugay
  • Taner Olmez
  • Hazar Eruguclu
  • Sebnem Donmez
  • Defne Kayalar
  • Ali Aksoz
  • Miray daner
  • Serhat peril

Original Name: Medcezir
Producer: Keerm catay
Director: Ali Bilgin
Production Company: Ay Yapim

Aashiyana Meri Mohabbat Ka is also an old Turkish drama serial which is dubbed in Urdu Language. It is the 3rd season of this serial. It was first on aired on Star TV in 2013. This Pakistani drama serial which is original in Turkish language have been already two hit seasons. It is remake of American TV series The O. C. It has won many awards on national level.

Catagay Ulusoy is playing the role of Yaman in this drama that lives in Tozludere one of the Istanbul’s rural areas has every time attempted to change his fate by living a decent life. Upon the arrival of his sibling’s birthday Kenan, they caught and put in prison in light of the fact that Kenan takes an auto from a service station. That night he was unwillingly acquainted with wrongdoing, and his perfect dossier is spoiled. On account of this circumstance he gets the chance to meet Selim Serez, a rich legal counselor who bails him out of prison. Selim see that Yaman is a pure and promising young fellow and he offers him his assistance. At the point when Yaman’s mother shows him out of her home, Yaman is compelled to contact Selim and acknowledge his assistance. He then goes to Selim’s home in Altınkoy, a restrictive high society neighborhood in Istanbul, and is offered an occupation as a nursery worker for a week, furthermore a spot to live in the pool house outside the principle house. Regardless of the fact that Yaman knows that there are no marvels, all things considered, he doesn’t have another risk separated from experiencing that life. Conveying the heaviness of the past on his shoulders, among individuals he doesn’t have even inkling; he confronts a more troublesome life than the one he had in Tozludere. In Altınkoy he meets Mert, Selim’s child, with whom he gets to be companions very quickly, he likewise meets Mira, a youthful, delightful rich young lady who lives nearby and for whom he begins to look all starry eyed.


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