TV One Drama Mann Pyasa Review

TV One Drama Mann Pyasa Review

Zeeshan Shah is afraid of getting his secret exposed!!!

This review was first published by TV One on September 20, 2016 

Mann Pyasa TV One Drama

TV One’s currently on aired play Mann Pyasa takes an important turn this week when the brutal feudal lord cum corrupt politician Zeeshan Shah feels scared as his biggest secret is about to get unveiled.

Zeeshan Shah’s anger and Aman Shah sudden disappearance

Zeehan Shah’s mentally-impaired younger brother Aman Shah somehow manages to escape from hospital leaving his big brother frustrated and angry. He was admitted to Zeeshan Shah’s close friend’s mental hospital under the tight security of guards. No one is allowed to meet him and a dedicated nurse is always available at his disposal to look after him.

If the mentally-disabled Aman Shah doesn’t have any significance in Zeeshan Shah’s life then why he has kept him under tight security?

Well, there is some mystery attached to this poor guy that Zeeshan Shah doesn’t want to get exposed – perhaps it is an old incident or enigmatic raaz that can cause serious damaged to his reputation.

Aman Shah is not completely mentally retarded but has lost his senses after some bad incident. The ruthless Zeeshan Shah has never let him recover from his illness and has strictly advised doctors to not give him right medicine for his treatment.

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Fortunately, Araib finds the poor Aman Shah roaming around the streets and takes him to the doctor for the proper medical examination.

On the other hand, Zeeshan Shah is not happy with his wife, Naveen. He blames her for secretly keeping contacts with Arib which she straight away denies. She tries to convince him to trust her like she does but the bad man is no mood to listen to her.

TV One Drama - Mann Pyasa

Araib’s book is almost in final stages of completion and he is hopeful that it will play its part in exposing many corrupt politicians.

Although Mann Pyasa has an engrossing story but the slow narration affects the momentum. It has been more than four episodes that we have been told that some mystery is attached to Aman Shah’s past and it is more likely about his deceased mother but no big revelation has been made so far.

Zeeshan Shah, instead of playing his cards, is waiting for Araib to make a move. On the other hand, Araib and Sumaira are showing unnecessary interest in Aman Shah as if it may lead them to a major breakthrough.

I have high hopes from Sumaria’s (Zhalay Sarhadi) character as she is an epitome of modern day woman who stands by his husband’s side in every thick and thin of life. But unfortunately, so far her existence in the drama is not of any great significance – whatever screen time she gets in the drama she only asks Araib about his book and that’s all. The conversation between Araib and Sumaria are quite predicable and appears dull.

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Naveen has left her career to save her married life but deep inside her a rebellious poet still thrives. She also occasionally thinks about the glorious time she spent with Araib and unintentionally draws a parallel between him and Zeeshan Shah.

Acting wise, Noman Ijaz leads the chart as he fits the role like gloves. He has played such kind of roles umpteen times and has a command in portraying feudal lords on-screen.

Meekal Zulfiqar has also done his part with conviction and the girls are okay too. It’s a great delight to see Irfan Motiwala playing a challenging role of a mentally-impaired Aman Shah – and I must say he is doing quite a decent job here.

Let’s hope that the play moves at a fast pace and lead to its climax quickly, otherwise, the dragged narration will not able to hold viewers for too long.

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