Express TV Drama Abhi Tou Ishq Main Aisa Bhi Haal Hona Hai Review

Express TV Drama Abhi Tou Ishq Main Aisa Bhi Haal Hona Hai Review

Ishaq Mein Aisa Bhi Haal Hona Hay

The following review had been written by Uzma.

After disappointment of some very famous dramas I started watching dramas on new channels like Express TV. I found ” Abhi Tou Ishq Main Aisa Bhi Haal Hona Hai” very interesting from the beginning. Melodious lyrics by Wasi Shah they go very well as the story go ahead.

Remember! the OST is very important these days . Well done Wasi Shah. I cant stop listening the OST many times a day.

The story is very close to reality, just middle class life experiences. Writer Qratul Ain no doubt have done a good job 🙂

The girl Fajir and Samra are very very cute and new addition to our cast . We can see these character around us.I love their style of clothes very ethic, beautiful scarfs and culturally rich with all the small details of friendship bands, earrings and colapuri chappel the director have a very close observation. I would like to promote this idea to our viewers that girls can go out,work and help their family with respect. Yes time is changing now.

It is so good to see Adnan loving and caring his mother so much that he is ready for the NIkah with Niha. I can see the pain very clearly in his eyes while he is informing his mother about his nikah with Niha. The nikah was a big surprise for the viewers. the best dialogues by Samra “apni ma ko bachnay kay lia meri ma ki jaan dao pa laga di ” OMG very strong performance with the new girl Samra.Very strong emotional scenes in episode 14. While Adnan calling Samra to go home.

I can see the pain in his eyes while he was in the hospital with his mother. Adnan is a new actor but I think he won the show and he will go a long way.

Sometimes I think mothers become very selfish for their own satisfaction I was hating her very much at that time. For her niece she never thought about Samara or Adnan’s love for her. Her care for Naha was over most of the time.

This is the success of a writer that we are all hating Neha. “Sawab kamanay ka moqa milta hai aap sab ko” In other hand Naha have done good role except her makeup is too much some times she looks like HIjrha. Very good lesson for girls looking for a short cut.

Farooq Qaiser such a big actor but very disappointing performance.Who wears a shirt and track pants together? His wife is completely moron and unbearable, common how can some one hire her??

I think pair with Fajir is not a good pick. Can he stop acting please.
Quratul Ain please keep writing more dramas we need you. The OST is still ringing bells in my ears. Cant wait for the next episode 🙁
Written by Uzma.

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