Bahoo Raniyan Pakistani Drama on Express TV – Review

Bahoo Raniyan Pakistani Drama on Express TV – Review

This review was first published by PK Dramas on Jan 27, 2016

Bahu Raniyan – The story is about Hiba a girl with a silent temperament and Sarah who on the other hand is jolly, careless and non-serious. Hiba’s parents pass away after which she stays with her Uncle Qasim, his wife Nasira and their daughter Sarah. Rashida who lives in the same vicinity sends a proposal of a very good family for Hiba, after which Nasira wishes that the proposal should be for Sarah. Getting inspired by the family’s way of living, Saeeda, who is Rashida’s sister, proposes to Nasira that she wants to get both her sons Sharim and Saad married to Hiba and Sarah to which they have a mutual consent. The wedding takes place with simplicity as Sharim and Saad’s grandmother is not well, and 2 days after the wedding she passes away. The story proceeds with Hiba trying to win her mother-in-law’s heart and being very careful with her behavior whereas Sarah continues being irresponsible and carefree. Saeeda’s other 2 children, Fardeen and Nida’s characters also reveal as the story proceeds…

7th Sky Presents the Soap Serial on Express Entertainment
Directed by Ali Akbar
This Soap Serial is written by Shakeel Ahmed
Cast of the urdu soap serial includes Anum Tanvir,Bilal Qureshi,Shameen Khan,Yasir Shoro,Faria Sheikh,Fareeha Jabeen,Humaira Bani,Khalifa Shajeer Uddin,Shahzad Malik,Isha Noor,Danish Hayat and many others.

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